About Tri Nutraflex

Tri Nutraflex is an online business that offers online personal training, nutrition plans, and cooking classes for an affordable price. Tri Nutraflex was founded by Tyler Blake when he noticed a gap in the industry. Many people are not able to afford in-person personal training and other services due to the overhead of the brick and mortar business model. Tyler wanted to create something that was affordable for the customer as well as initiative. Tri Nutraflex is the first company to offer a combination of online personal training, nutrition plans, and cooking classes. It is extremely important for individuals to partake in a healthy lifestyle, which includes a healthy diet as well as practicing a safe and effective workout regiment so then they are more likely to accomplish their goals.

Tri Nutraflex`snutrition plans and cooking classes show its customers different holistic meals to consume on a daily basis. Consuming a holistic diet is important because it allows one to treat the whole body verses one particular disease. At Tri Nutraflex, we strongly believe that one does not need to change their whole life to consume healthy foods. If one is able to substitute some food items in their diet, then they are well on their way to accomplishing your goals.

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Meet Our Team

online personal Trainer

Tyler Blake


Tyler is a certified personal trainer with a Masters` Degree in Applied Nutrition. He has worked as a membership consultant at a fitness center, getting to know the customers` needs. Tyler noticed that there was a gap in the industry due to the overpriced services for in-person personal training. In addition, Tyler is a former college athlete, competed in an Ironman Triathlon, which is a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike and a 26.2 mile run. He has always had enthusiasm for a healthy lifestyle and the fitness industry. He hopes to help individuals with their health-related goals.