Core exercises are the most challenging workouts for personal training since they target the abdominal muscles, pelvic floor, back, glutes, diaphragm, and obliques. Core exercises are not just beneficial for athletes or bodybuilders but can be great for children and older adults as well. Although ab training is a part of core exercises, working your core doesn’t necessarily mean just completing ab workouts. To help you learn the extensive benefits of core exercises, read the following details about exercising your core:

Providing Support to Lower Back

Core exercises can help support core back muscles and help older adults and overweight individuals with back pain. People with chronic lower back pain can also benefit from core exercises by strengthening their deep trunk muscles.1 Some core exercises such as toe taps and bridge lifts can also restore physical performance and improve balance.

Helps in Strength Training

The American Heart Association promotes muscle strengthening exercises such as core workouts at least two times a week.2 Muscle strengthening is especially beneficial for older adults since muscle capacity decreases with age. Building your core strength helps create a solid foundation for your body and allows you to lift weights effectively and correctly.

Make Running Easier

For athletes who run, core exercises can help them develop endurance and static balance and increase their running energy levels.3 Core exercises can improve respiration, form, and speed during running since they target the spine, back, hips, and glutes.

Supporting Better Posture

Many young people have a terrible posture due to hunching over their phones, laptops, or computers. Yoga is the best kind of core exercise to help stabilize core muscles and improve flexibility.4

If you want to improve stability and flexibility in your lower body, adding core exercises to your personal training regimen can help you achieve that. If you want a personal training routine built by an expert, contact Tri Nutraflex for affordable personal training today. Our experts can help you create a regimen that will help you achieve your body goals in no time.



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